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The Caravan is now available on Google Play Store

We have released our first app, The Caravan – A Graphic Novel, on Google Play Store. The app will allow you to read The Caravan on your mobiles and tablets. And its really a steal compared to the much more expensive hard print. We have made sure that the pages of the graphic novel look sharp and crisp on devices of all screen sizes and density. Also in the app, you can read the graphic novel either in panel mode (for small screen devices) or in page mode (for tablets). Panel mode allows you to read every page panel by panel. This does away with the need to zoom in on small screens and makes the reading experience smoother.

Get it on Google Play 

About The Caravan:
The Caravan is a horror graphic novel published by Yali Dream Creations and Anitracks Media. It is written by Shamik Dasgupta who wrote the highly acclaimed Ramayana 3392 A.D. series.
For ages a coven of vampires travel the deserts of Rajasthan under the guise of a Caravan of Nautanki or a Gypsy Circus. They lure the unsuspecting villagers to invite them to perform and through the course of the night feed on every living soul. Their heinous deeds go undetected for years, possibly even centuries until a boy named Asif survives their attack.
Years later the boy grows up to be a smuggler across the border, and on afateful day he gets arrested. Jai, the custodian cop and Asif get stranded in the desert and find shelter in a fort run by border security force and their volatile and violent Officer in Charge, Daroga Bhairo Singh.

As night creeps forth, the caravan of vampires appear once again on the horizon. Asif becomes terrified and tries to warn them but no one believes him. Instead, mesmerized by the glamour of the Nautanki, they make the fatal mistake of inviting them to the fort. What follows is a night drenched in blood as the vampires begin their massacre. Asif has escaped the Caravan once, but can he pull off that impossible trick again?’