The beginning

“She was bendable light: she shone around every corner of my day.”
― Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl
21 October 2013.
We tried our best; put in all our efforts and now it has started happening. Can you see it? Light has started bending. Our first product is nearing completion.
We announce today the formal incorporation of Bending Light Apps. The foundation for Bending Light started three months ago when we left our boring jobs to try something of our own. So clichéd, right? Anyways, for the past three months we have been following our passions and working on domains that we found interesting.  :p
People ask us if our company is going to create glass materials or black holes that turn, twist and bend light. Are we going to do stuff, which will be as unusual as the phenomenon of light bending? And we say, “Hmm…not exactly”. But we promise to do things that have not been done yet. Or probably implement existing ideas in a much better manner. But we are not following the straight path for sure. Ours is a company focused on simple technology solutions for publishing content. Content for entertainment, for education or for learning new things. Will we create the content ourselves? No. We partner with content creators, provide them the platform of our technology solutions and make sure that their content assumes a greater reach. This way the consumers of the content get easy on-the-move access to content on their personal tablets and mobiles.
Don’t see the bending yet? Watch us for a few more days and we can guarantee that you will. Our very first product is just around the corner.