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HuHuba, the exclusive app for Indian comics, goes live today

Perfection needs time. And, its been some time since we launched our first app, a digital comic app for The Caravan. All this while we were busy in shaping up our next product – making it fast, stable and smooth.

Today, we proudly announce the launch of HuHuba for iOS devices. HuHuba!! It’s a war cry. It’s an excited shout for the rejuvenation of comics in India. The comic industry in India has been seeing sunny days for the past few years now. HuHuba aims to accelerate this journey to the glory of the golden old days of Indian comics.

HuHuba, the exclusive app for Indian comic fans, is a one-stop shop for accessing digital comic books from multiple publishers. It allows users to browse, buy and read comics on their mobiles and tablets. One of the biggest challenges we faced was designing our product in a manner so that it could be accessible to comic readers across the country. A smartphone app was the most obvious route. So we decided to use high resolution in comics and put in a panel mode so that artwork on a small screen looks as awesome as in hard print. And users can read without zooming and zooming out on every page.

HuHuba is a platform where multiple comic publishers get together and deliver their titles to comic fans. It is exclusively for Indian fans and we have focussed on getting as much vernacular content as possible. Users will be to able to access comics not only in English, Hindi but in various (what others) other Indian languages.

We have already partnered with publishers like Amar Chitra Katha, Chariot Comics, Yali Dream Creations and Orange Radius Arts to deliver their titles via HuHuba. We hope to close deals with various other publishing houses very soon. Continuing to upload new comics on HuHuba would be our top-most priority.